Get more Instagram followers

Likes Instagram is the first social metric to indicate post-performance, it is a go-to indicator for brands who want to collab. Likes on Instagram simply represent the general engagement with the viewing audience.

A part of the topic is that Instagram is in the testing phase of decreasing the number of posts. This is been already getting in several countries including Canada and Australia, now the test also stretched to the USA. Whatever may be the results, the bottom line is Instagram likes will be an important analytic for many brands and influencers and like counts will still be shown.

To get more engagement a fundamental strategy is to be consistent and provide quality content, Besides, here are some ways to assemble the increased number of instagram followers. These will be an enhancer for your good content to reach out more and make the most out of it:

  1. Improve your hashtag strategy.

Be selective with your hashtags, don’t spam every post with the same hashtags, #no.1, #cool, or #food. Be choosy, keep in mind your brand and industry. Use of hashtags can easily get your account post notices that are too organically, use correct hashtags for your brand’s advantages. Hashtags indicate what’s trending in your industry and help you not to miss on trends of your industry.

  1. Tag right accounts.

Give credit to those who deserve it. You can tag them on posts as well as on captions. If you have prominent products or people in your photo or video, tag them directly on the post. Chances are the tagged person or brand will comment or like your post.

  1. Ask people to tag you.

Ask your users to tag their friends in the comments. If you have relatable content, asking users to tag their friends in the comment section can be a great way to improve engagement. No matter how your content is whether it be informative or silly if your audience tags their friends, the result will be likes and plenty of engagement.

  1. Let people know the location of your posts, [ Tag location of your posts ]

If your content works in the travel industry, tagging a post’s location assures that your photos will come up whenever people are looking for that destination. Instagram likes can come up organically by the location tag if your content is up to the mark.

  1. Keep your captions up to the mark with your posts.

Your captions play a vital role to create a captivated audience. Captions accompany your posts so well. The audience who read your caption will look forward to your next post. Creating a strong base of an audience for your page.